About the network

The Healthy Living Network is a registration portal that provides a list of quality registered activities, providers and programs in your local area.

Healthy Living service providers and programs that have met the quality standards of the Healthy Communities Quality Framework are available on the Healthy Living Network. Read more

Programs and
Service Providers

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Do you provide healthy living programs? Programs and service providers can apply for registration against the Quality Framework standards and criteria. Applicants meeting the criteria will be listed and searchable on the Healthy Living Network.

Local Government Areas

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Are you a local government providing healthy lifestyle programs to your area? Do you want to find suitable programs and activities to help reduce the risk of chronic disease of the people in your community? You can find information on the Healthy Living Network about programs, activities, service providers and capacity building.

General Public

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Searching for healthy living activities and programs in your local area? You can find activities that have met quality standards such as walking groups, community gardens, cycling programs, healthy eating education and other individual and group based programs.

The Healthy Living Network is a component of the Healthy Communities Initiative
funded by the Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing