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Program Developers and Implementers

Before you start you registration application it is important that you thoroughly read ALL of the relevant guides:

Becoming Registered

Program developers and providers can use the Program Registration criteria to ensure their healthy lifestyle program is comprehensively described.

Those who want to have their program/s registered and listed on the Healthy Living Network are required to:

  • review the Program Registration criteria
  • complete the online registration application process, indicating where evidence for each criterion can be found in the uploaded program documentation (e.g., page numbers, sections, etc)
  • submit the application, along with a detailed program outline and resource material relevant to the program

The Healthy Living Network will then:

  • formally assess applications using an expert group
  • communicate with the applicant as required
  • list registered programs on the Healthy Living Network

Further clarification and support can be obtained by contacting the Healthy Living Network team on 1300 456 000.

The Program outline template is available to support you in the preparing for the online assessment.

Are you already registered under the Healthy Communities Quality Framework?

For those providers who are currently registered against the Healthy Communities Quality Framework, the Healthy Workers Program Registration is the same.

Providers are not required to become registered under both frameworks however specific programs will need to be registered under the appropriate framework. Please contact the Healthy Living Network team if you would like to be registered across both by calling 1300 456 000 or emailing

Call 1300 HLN 000
The Healthy Living Network is a component of the Healthy Communities and Healthy Workers Initiatives
under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health (NPAPH) funded by the Australian Government.